Tony Ward
Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Species Human
Other Characteristics
Location Danausel
Occupation GloboCorp CEO
Relationships Roelof (Boss)

Lugus (Boss)

Tony Ward, a character from Treasure Adventure Game, is the CEO of GloboCorp. He is an incredibly wealthy and powerful induvidual, owning the biggest company in the game. He is selfish, greedy, and very intelligent.

Tony Ward becomes the main antagonist of the game as he tries to take the treasures the player has collected. His henchmen's incompetence and stupidity dampen his ability to successfully do that, however, and this annoys him.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains spoilers for the plot of the game.

Tony Ward was once known as Louyang. He, along with Wakanda and Otus created the world. Louyang was the one who created humans to be rational and scientific beings.

He became dissatisfied with the world, however, and wanted to destroy it. Wakanda and Otus did not want their creations to be destroyed, so they defeated him and sealed his powers away. Louyang became a human known as Tony Ward, and began plotting to get his powers back to destroy the world.