A Treasure Map

Maps are items in Treasure Adventure Game that guide the player to valuable items by coordinates.

There are 18 maps in total. Some lead to new equipment, some lead to treasure. Maps are colored differently depending on what they lead to. Purple maps lead to equipment, tan maps lead to treasure, and the pink map leads to the statue of Huayin on Nimue island.

Name Coordinates Location Requirements
Museum Map

X: 0, Y: 0

Cargale None
Sail Map X: -204, Y: 3 AngelOak None
Magic Bottle Map X: -885, Y: 5 Poveglia Lockpick, Throwing Hook
Cannon Map X: 1137, Y: 3 Poveglia Lockpick, Throwing Hook
Dive Helmet Map X: -349, Y: 0 Poveglia Cannon, Treasure 3, Magic Bottle
Flashlight Map X: 921, Y: 43 Underwater Dive Helmet
Treasure Map 1 X: 617, Y: 12 Nimue None
Treasure Map 2 X: 165, Y: 77 Cargale Throwing Hook
Treasure Map 3 X: -542, Y:55 Pinon Lockpick, Shovel
Treasure Map 4 X: -194, Y:60 Eber Lockpick, Magic Bottle
Treasure Map 5 X: -1001, Y:3 Jakto Diving Helmet, Magic Bottle
Treasure Map 6 X: 1154, Y:21 Danausel Key card
Treasure Map 7 X: -1232, Y:0 Tomba Lockpick, Throwing Hook
Treasure Map 8 X: -1359, Y:-70 Somora Lockpick
Treasure Map 9 X: -728, Y:-82 Sea Dive Helmet
Treasure Map 10 X: 242, Y:-99 Solfor Magic Bottle, Lockpick
Treasure Map 11 X: 671, Y:-51 AngelOak Magic Bottle, Lockpick
Treasure Map 12 X: 939, Y:-56 Boracay Mouse Hat ,  Boots