Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Species Human
Other Characteristics
Location Nimue
Occupation Archeologist
Relationships Baggus(Friend), The Protagonist (Dad)

Gagwin is a character from Treasure Adventure Game. He is a an adventurer and archeologist who brings his son, the Protagonist, along with him in his search for the 12 treasures. He is an adventurous, careless induvidual with a love for treasure and wealth.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains spoilers for the plot of the game.
Gagwin was traveling the world with his friend, Baggus, and son in search of the 12 Legendary Treasures and the contents of the Temple they would unlock.

At some point, he was given an offer from a man named Tony Ward.  He would pay Gagwin and Baggus in advance if they would give the treasures to Tony once they found them all. They declined, but Tony gave Gagwin something before they parted ways.

Gagwin's behavior changed after this. As they entered the temple he grew cold to his party and became much more motivated to get to the bottom of the Temple. As they began to go deeper inside, this greatly worried Baggus.

When they finally reached the innermost room, there was a magic barrier blocking the way to the treasure. The seal could only be broken when somebody with a pure heart put their hand on the pedestal. Baggus tried putting his hand on it, and recieved an electric shock. Then Gagwin thought his son should put his hand on it.

His son, however, backed away. Gagwin chased him down, cut off his hand, and put it on the pedestal himself. 

When the severed hand met with the pedestal, a huge explosion occured. All the treasures were scattered across the world, along with of baggus' notes and tools. Baggus and the boy were shot out of the temple, and Gagwin was never seen again.

Gagwin had been turned into a bird and trapped within the temple. He would reside there until the player enters the temple and finds him inside.