Map? Yes
Requirements Boots, Mouse Hat, Magic Bottle
Island Boracay

The Flashlight is a piece of equipment used to lighten dark areas, specifically deep underwater, to be able to navigate obstacles properly. It can be turned on and off by pressing Z underwater, though whatever state it is in will persist after resurfacing.


The Flashlight is located above Zwaan Island, where the Flashlight Map leads, however the Flashlight must be reached from Boracay Island.

There is a hidden cave led to by Treasure Map 6 on Boracay Island. Getting through that cave with the Boots leads to the animal village, guarded by Simun, who won't let you in without the Mouse Hat

Once in the village, there is a bridge. On the other side of the bridge lives Lepidus. He casts a spell on you for free to help you through the platforming section just outside his house. The spell lets alllows the power of wind to be harnessed at any time with the Magic Bottle to move platforms and get more hight from jumps. At the end of the platforming section, the Flashlight can be found in an unlocked chest.