Physical Characteristics
Gender Male
Species Human
Other Characteristics
Location Nimue
Occupation Museum Manager
Relationships Gagwin (Friend)

The Protagonist (Friend)


Baggus is a character from Treasure Adventure Game. He is the owner and builder of the museum on Nimue island. He is a persistent, focused induvidual, waiting years for somebody who can collect the treasures he wants in his museum. 

Baggus is a mentor to the protagonist near the beginning of the game, giving advice and direction. After he gives you a map, he doesn't offer any more help and simply waits in his museum for the protagonist to collect treasures to put in it.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains spoilers for the plot of the game.

Baggus was an acheologist searching for the twelve treasures with his partners, Gagwin and his son, a young form of the protagonist. The three travelled the world. Baggus kept a journal documenting the places they encountered.

Baggus and Gagwin were approached by a man named Tony Ward, who offered to pay them in advance for the treasures to put in his museum. Baggus declined; It was his personal dream to have the treasures in his own museum.

Tony handed something to Gagwin, however. He didn't tell Baggus what it was, but Gagwin acted differently after recieving it.

Baggus became worried about how Gagwin was behaving. He seemed to be growing cold to him. Once they collected all the treasures, they entered the temple. Gagwin seemed very motivated to get to the bottom of the temple. This made Baggus increasingly worried, especially for Gagwin's son, who was very little, and unprepared for the dangers they were facing in the temple.

The party reached the innermost room of the temple, where the treasure was blocked by a magic barrier. Only someone with a pure heart could break the seal by placing their hand on a pedestal. Baggus attempted to do so, but he got an electric shock. Gagwin wanted his son to try, but the young protagonist didn't want to, so Gagwin cut off his son's hand and put it there himself.

This caused a huge explosion. All of the treasures were skattered across the earth, along with Baggus' notes and tools. Baggus and the young protagonist were blasted out. Gagwin was nowhere to be found.

Baggus couldn't take care of the young protagonist, so he left him at the front door of an elderly couple on the nearest island, thinking they looked kind and wise. He left a map with the boy so he could find his way back one day.

While Baggus wanted to collect the treasures again, he was getting too old for adventuring like that. He instead built a museum to house the treasures once found, and waited for somebody who was ready and willing to find them.